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Crackdown Enemies

  • Gensec Sentinel
  • ZEAL Forces
  • Light Zulu
  • Heavy Zulu
  • Shotgunner Zulus
  • ZEAL Medic
  • Sniper
  • ZEAL Cloaker
  • ZEAL Taser
  • ZEAL Grenadier
  • Z-Dozers
  • MedicDozer
  • ZEAL Turrets

Welcome to the Crackdown Enemy Dossier

This file is for external use by asset S Garrett. Security level 3B.

  • Gensec Sentinel
  • ZEAL Forces
  • Light Zulu
  • Heavy Zulu
  • Shotgunner Zulus
  • ZEAL Medic
  • Sniper
  • ZEAL Cloaker
  • ZEAL Taser
  • ZEAL Grenadier
  • Z-Dozers
  • MedicDozer
  • ZEAL Turrets

Gensec Sentinel

As a countermeasure to the stealth activities of the clowns, we have decided to exert more direct influence through one of our holdings- Gensec Industries, a company we know you are familiar with, Commissioner. Gensec has announced the Sentinel system and personnel upgrade program. The Sentinels, our new agents, are being dispatched across the country to provide free "consultation services." The Sentinels will evaluate targeted sites and use our data on past Payday gang attacks to replace cameras, remove patrol dead spots, and block points of easy entry.

Our agents will also remain on-site to supervise these adjustments, and the eye is always upon them. Gensec Sentinels are not heavily armored, but they wear an ECM-proofed Titan pager system attached to their pagers, their headsets...and their hearts. If a Gensec Sentinel dies, their pager will go off...no matter what.

Notes: We've taken to calling them the "G-men" for how they suddenly appear with all the answers...and their new tech is definitely welcome. I don't know how many times the police have arrived at the scene after the clowns have escaped, leaving only a stack of their ECM gizmos behind. I do wonder why all guards aren't getting these systems...and how long Kataru have been taking advantage of the FBI's partnership with Gensec.

ZEAL Forces

All Zeal Force members are now sourced from the Zulu procurement program. The specifics of this program are classified, but the Zulus are the most experienced and battle-hardened fighters to be found anywhere, at any time. They will resist coercion, ignore pain, and exercise outstanding trigger control. These warriors represent the vanguard of the Legion. Don’t ask where they come from, what their training is, or how we command them. They know better than to answer.

Notes: He's not joking; these soldiers clam up immediately around any of our own officers. They also insist on retrieving the remains of their fallen comrades-God knows where they take them. I have no idea where Kataru is getting so many of these soldiers from, or how they're moving into and out of the District unimpeded.

Light Zulu

Even the most lightly armored of the Zeals now works in coordinated squads. Rank-and-file Zulus are trained to pursue criminals to close range and provide continuous supporting fire for other, more valuable units. A special conditioning program also gives these soldiers excellent reflexes in battle.

Notes: They may be weaker than the rest of the force, but they're also incredibly fast on their feet; I've seen these men dodge out of the way before their opponent can even line up a shot.

Heavy Zulu

Armored Zulus are now equipped with layered weave torso plate, impregnated with vivinite fiber and blast padding. Beyond the usual torso bulletproofing, they are generally more resistant to explosives and most other violent force. The HUD in their helmets (based on Crimenet tech) allows coordinated communication and targeting information in realtime. We have Zulu squads set up for a number of distinct purposes; you will receive the prospectus later. The important things to note are that the heavy Zulus are resistant to explosives, and they’re trained to do more than just rush their targets.

Notes: These tanks are nothing like our conventional heavy teams. They're constantly looking for an angle, coordinating ambushes and flanking, even without speaking. They also don't hesitate to throw themselves into enemy fire. It's like they're being puppeteered by some unseen force. If this is the sort of power Bain was wielding, it's no wonder the clowns were such devils to fight. I would give anything to see how that HUD control system works.

Shotgunner Zulus

When the ZEAL Team first hit DC, an acquisition snafu led to a severe weapons shortage; all units were equipped with rifles that, while powerful, lacked flexibility. These issues have been corrected, and light and heavy Zeal troopers will deploy with a full range of shotguns and assault rifles. Shotgunners will be recognizable by the red trim on their uniforms.

Notes: The shotgunners are a major threat at close range, but I'm concerned about their ability to close the distance-the red trim is practically a target. The prospect of death doesn't seem to bother the Zulus at all-it's as if they welcome it.

ZEAL Medic

I was skeptical, Commissioner, but your insistence on retraining and integrating FBI Medics is a game-changer for the task force. Because of training, when a ZEAL Medic heals an ally, the Medic will also heal all other nearby officers. Better supplies also mean that Medics can treat injuries much more quickly and often. These changes make the Medical Unit much more flexible on the field. We know that Medics have a history of being targeted—that’s why many of them will now be embedded with other special units, who are trained to disrupt attempts to attack the team healer.

A major point in our analysis was the decision that medics needed greater range of motion to provide effective care. To achieve this flexibility, standard assault rifles and shotguns have been replaced with sidearms for field engagement. To compensate for this, your Medics have been issued revolvers with depleted uranium armor-piercing rounds. Some local organizations objected to the use of this ordinance; they have been preemptively silenced.

Notes: It took weeks to convince him to do anything with a medical unit-it's as if he doesn't care about his men's well-being at all. At least the new sidearms pack a punch. I get the feeling our medics are going to be more of a target than ever.


The enemy has been locating your marksmen by following the lasers on their rifles. Simply put, there’s a reason my predecessor didn't give our snipers lasers back when the clowns debuted at First World Bank. To correct this oversight, your marksmen have had their emitter taken away and have been retrained in the use of tracer rounds.

Notes: What is he talking about with First World Bank?! The clowns made their debut at that crooked bank almost a decade ago, but the responders on the scene were under police control, weren't they? Just how long was Bain hitting Kataru's assets?

ZEAL Cloaker

The Cloaker has been one of our favorite initiatives for a long time. I had high hopes for the rollout of the second generation Cloaker in response to the re-emergence of the Payday Gang. Unfortunately, the program attracted loners whose neuroses limited their ability to work with the larger force.

We have seen to the extensive psychological conditioning of the ZEAL cloaker unit. Cloakers will now deploy in groups, or will be embedded with other special unit squads. As before, they also will not hesitate to attack a criminal that is alone, and will attempt to flank and ambush the enemy if other unit members have been eliminated.

Notes: Again, he acts like Kataru has always been in control. How long have these people had their hooks in law enforcement? I'm grateful for better trained men, but what are they doing to them?

ZEAL Taser

Tasers have been outfitted with high voltage, high amperage taser units. Shocked criminals will go down much faster, and the taser’s disorienting effects will be much stronger, making it harder to aim or break free.

Notes: Any clown who gets hit by one of these is in for a rollercoaster ride that ends on the ground. I just need to be sure they can get in close.

ZEAL Grenadier

Strategic use of teargas has proven effective at disrupting the clowns in the past, but the Payday gang have adapted, intercepting attempts to set up gas systems onsite. In response, our collaborators introduced the “Grenadier” unit last year, to great success. He is trained to launch teargas grenades at entrenched criminals from a distance. The Legions have paired these specialists with other heavy hitters to take out targets once the gas has been driven them from cover.

Notes: We don't get too many of these guys, so I'm glad they're being placed carefully. Forcing the criminals out of a comfortable firing position could make all the difference in the world.


The equipment failures that hit the initial ZEAL rollout also applied to the Dozers; on-the-ground forces had to accept inferior equipment from the DCPD. This led to heavy units of all types being stuck with pump-action shotguns, stuffed into improvised armor. I’ve seen the photos; they were literally spray-painting a “Z” on the visor. Humiliating.

FBI attempts to augment the force were laughable. I know that your analysts were proud of the "Minidozer", Commissioner, but a slow-moving tank simply wasn't the right call. The DoZers are better trained, better coordinated, and better placed to make the killshot.

The Z-Dozer force will now deploy with pump-action shotguns, automatic shotguns, or light machine guns. More importantly, the real Z-Dozer armor has arrived. It’s a multilayered durasteel weave housing entire blocks of lab-grown vivinite, each of which is subject to individual electron laser shaping and reductive blast hardening before being attached directly to the body with a 6AL4V Eli truss. The DoZers are highly resistant to all sources of explosive damage. While visors remain a potential weak spot, Z-Dozers have received training in flanking, mantling and ambush tactics. They also never deploy without a full support team.

Notes: Now this is more like it! The old EOD suits were enough to deal with hand grenades, but when the clowns started carrying rocket launchers, we weren't able to adapt. These new suits practically eat explosive attacks. Kataru can mock me all they want if they keep delivering on this sort of tech.


During last year’s botched rollout, FBI operations had a suggestion: in the event of a prolonged crime spree by the clowns, begin placing members of the Medical Unit into Bulldozer armor so that they can be better protected while healing their allies. We agree. The Legions now have dedicated MedicDozers, who have received the same training as ZEAL Medics. These units are placed selectively in squads where they can do maximum good, usually in a leadership position over other medics. Just be aware that MedicDozers are relatively lightly armed.

Notes: With their enhanced armor, I can just picture the clowns gnashing their teeth as this unit keeps bringing back its allies! I need to see if I can persuade K to do something about their lackluster firepower. Maybe those miniguns we're not using?

ZEAL Turrets

Blue sky investment from the DoD and a three year series of trials at White Mesa have produced a durable, mobile, autonomous turret array with a fully self-sustaining repair and reload system. If its shield is compromised, the turret retracts and an onboard 3D printing and fabrication unit will quickly assemble and attach a new shield. Unlike with previous models, there is no limit to the number of repairs. ZEAL Turrets are also more resistant to explosives. The PAYDAY Gang simply will not be able to destroy these turrets.

The new repair system does have tradeoffs- its ammo capacity is reduced, and the shield itself is somewhat weaker than the old model. These are minor issues; if the clowns try to "take out" a turret instead of avoiding it, they will die, and we will prevail.

As part of the Delator initiative, an incomplete set of documentation for these adjustments was leaked to other parties of interest. Turrets built into ceilings will not be immortal, but without the space needed for the fabrication unit, stationary turrets can retain their shield strength and grerater magazine size, while maintaining greater explosive resistance.

Notes: The Delator initiative makes me sick-it's a violation of everything I stand for. Working with Kataru, sometimes I feel as if I've sold my soul to the devil. I've sacrificed my men, my honor...but if this is what it takes to get Bain and end the Payday Gang for good, it will all be worth it.

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To: s.garrett@paydaytaskforce.gov

Date: 2019-03-22 07:06

Subject: Full Force Forward

Commissioner Garrett,

Your idea that "spreading the wealth" of ZEAL to the FBI and local police would give the clowns a stronger obstacle has merit, and I have passed it up the chain.

We have arranged new equipment and training for lesser tiers of law enforcement. Superior uniforms and weapons are on their way to Gensec, to FBI ready teams, and to DCPD's SWAT division. These units will not rival our Legions of course, but they will hopefully be less of an embarrassment in the field.

We have also concluded Delator program rollout; all criminal organizations that have come into conflict with the payday gang have recieved stronger weapons and enhanced automatic turret plans. You can complain all you want about the ethics of giving high powered rifles to narcoterrorists; it gets results, and they don't ask questions.

That brings me to the other matter, Commissioner - the team of special agents you sent underground to track us. Our benefactors have decided that your little tantrum is noble, in some primitive sense. I promise you, our motives are in the best interests of all mankind. You will not be punished for this breach of our contract- however, the same is not true of those you have put in harm's way. Your men have been extracted, interrogated and disposed of. Bear this lesson in mind when you meet Captain Winters again.

The essence of Government is power; and power, if lodged in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.



To: s.garrett@paydaytaskforce.gov

Date: 2018-08-28 07:06

Subject: Tech Update

Commissioner Garrett,

In response to the addition of an experienced hacker to the Payday gang, we have accelerated the technological side of our crackdown on several fronts.

First, we have activated the Gensec Sentinel program. Our agents are now spreading across the country, building a surveillance network and hardening target sites against stealth penetration by the Payday Gang. Second, we have revised the specs of the Zeal Turret system in response to its initial deployment feedback. The Delator version of the turret has been similarly refined. Third, I have personally stepped in to enhance the Zulu indoctrination program; squad tactics have been improved, and we have reallocated smoke and concussion grenades for use among our special forces. Details on all of these changes have been added to your files.

The rendering of Neville Winters is almost complete; we are so glad you chose to hand him over to us. His sacrifice will end the Payday gang, no matter how many times it takes.

We couldn't have done it without you.



To: s.garrett@paydaytaskforce.gov

Date: 2018-07-04 07:06

Subject: Crackdown

Commissioner Garrett,

Thank you for signing an agreement with our mutual benefactors. Now that you are in full support of our alliance, we have taken the DHS's "elite" ZEAL troops and brought them into our Legion. This transformation entails a many things.

I have had a dossier on the new units placed on your desktop. Read it carefully and contact us in the usual way when you are ready to proceed.

This summary describes the general nature of the transformation of the ZEAL Force, but it is just the beginning of our crackdown on Bain’s group. We are testing monitoring systems that will make it harder for the criminals to operate in stealth, and our agents are making changes to locations the gang is likely to hit. We will expand the Delator initiative to cover arms shipments in the coming months. Finally, while I am sure you would like to hear from your Captain again, his reeducation is not yet complete; we will let you know when he is released.

Quo Modo Deum


One last word, Commissioner. In the course of a routine extraction, Bain revealed that he had established a connection to the FEDNet database that compromised your personal computer. It is likely that the traitor, Locke, is still using this connection and is able to read your correspondence.

A message, then, to the remnants of the Payday Gang: this is only the beginning of the crackdown. The end, your end, is coming soon.

From: Hemiptera_MURUA@Chiffre

To: s.garrett@paydaytaskforce.gov

Date: 1843-06-06 06:36

Subject: Va l ue

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From: Vermes_HYDRA@Vigenère

To: s.garrett@paydaytaskforce.gov

Date: 1843-06-06 06:36

Subject: Poe try

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Full Force Forward [SYSERR--BLOCKED] 2019-03-22 07:06
Tech Update [SYSERR--BLOCKED] 2018-08-28 07:06
Crackdown [SYSERR--BLOCKED] 2018-07-04 07:06


Subject To Date
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Subject From Date
Va l ue Hemiptera_MURUA@Chiffre 1843-06-06 06:36
Poe try Vermes_HYDRA@Vigenère 1843-06-06 06:36
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About Crackdown/FAQs

  • About Crackdown
  • General Questions
  • Crackdown Heists
  • Technical Issues

About Crackdown/FAQs

  • About Crackdown
  • General Questions
  • Crackdown Heists
  • Technical Issues
What is Crackdown?

Crackdown is a free mod for Payday 2 that completely rebalances and reworks the Death Sentence difficulty with new enemies, new statistics, and new behaviors for an all-new challenge.

Crackdown is a fan project and is not affiliated with Overkill software. Material on the Crackdown site is not canon, so secret hunters, look elsewhere.

Crackdown is planned as the foundation of a set of mods that will extend and enhance the Payday 2 experience beyond the end of its support period. We, the creative team, try to be especially responsive to player feedback. While we can't satisfy everyone, every opinion is important to us! Please get in touch and let us know what you think- this project will thrive as long as we have your support.


Visit the official Crackdown Discord

Join the Crackdown Steam group

General Questions
Is Crackdown a cheat mod?

No. Overkill community moderators are aware of the mod and have no objections to its use.

How do I update Crackdown?

Crackdown now takes advantage of SuperBLT's autoupdate function. When an update is available, a blue icon will appear on the main menu. Click it and follow the onscreen instructions to automatically download and apply the update. Note that you may need to restart Payday 2 for the update to function!

Is Crackdown easier than Death Sentence?

This is a complicated question, because failure on Death Sentence is frequently outside the player’s control.

For the majority of players that are not used to combat-circumventing meta builds, the answer is no- Crackdown demands a higher level of cooperation and skill than Death Wish, and in many respects, more skill than Death Sentence. Failure on Crackdown occurs because players don’t react, coordinate, or adapt to a change in their situation, not because of a bad bulldozer spawn, or because two enemies rolled hits in a row.

Most of our testers find Crackdown as hard as, or harder than, Death Sentence!

However, if you’re a heavy user of skills that break the game, then Crackdown may feel easier than Death Sentence, simply because there are fewer enemies, and enemy weapons have damage falloff.

The tools that let you break the game on Death Sentence are largely still available on Crackdown.

Abuse of things like Partners In Crime, defensive skill stacking, or exploits in enemy pathing are still going to be effective- for now.

We will be developing a separate, optional rebalance of player skills and tools at a later date to adjust this side of the difficulty equation.

Does Crackdown effect player skills, weapons or perk decks?

It does not, with one exception: silenced guns have a larger “alert radius” when heists go loud.

This is to correct an oversight introduced in an early Payday 2 update.

We are in the process of designing an optional player side rebalance, "Project Sanguine", which we will release at a later date.

Can I play with other people using Crackdown?

Yes, and Crackdown is designed for team play! However, to avoid serious sync issues, Crackdown has its own matchmaking key.

To play with other people, they will also need to install the mod and enable it. Similarly, you will need to disable Crackdown to play with people that are not using it. This can be done with a single click from the BLT mods menu. To get to this menu, go to "Options" from the main menu screen, then click on "BLT Mods".

Is my mod compatible with Crackdown?

Most mods are compatible with Crackdown, including all current, popular HUD mods.

We cannot guarantee the compatibility of all mods, especially mods that edit or alter enemy stats or appearances.

Crackdown Heists
What are Crackdown heists?

Crackdown heists are normal heists that have been modified with sudden twists, changes and surprises, to fit the Crackdown experience.

Which heists are modified?

Changed heists have the word “Crackdown” in the heist name, and will also have the Crackdown logo as an icon in the Crimenet Contract Broker.

What changes were made to heists?

That’s meant to be a surprise! However, if you wish to spoil yourself, Crackdown heist changes are available in a changelog file in each modified heist folder.

Go to the Crackdown mod folder, then click on the “map replacements” folder to locate these changelog files.

This heist seems easier than its unmodified version…

Changes to heists on Crackdown are all intended to make the heist harder.

However, the difficulty shifts created by baseline Crackdown changes can make some heists that were especially difficult in Payday 2 easier, due to interactions in general map geometry, enemy spawn limits, and damage falloff.

Don’t worry- the Zeal enemies will still hurt you plenty!

Can I play the edited heists on difficulties lower than Crackdown?

Probably not, unfortunately. Oversights in the editing process mean that some of the edited heists will become unbeatable on difficulties other than Crackdown.

You will need to disable the mod, and the map changes, to play these heists normally, or on lower difficulties.

We are working on a solution to this problem, but it will take some time to implement- and it may not be feasible for a couple heists.

Future modified heists will “scale down” properly.

Technical Issues
The Zeal custom weapons are bogging down my game.

You can disable the memory load of the Zeal custom weapons by turning off “HD 3rd person weapons” in the base game’s options menu.

Enemies with glow effects lose their glow when I shout at them-or their helmet is highlighted and not their body.

The “illuminate” shader can’t operate at the same time that a contour effect occurs.

Enemies should glow again when they lose their highlighting.

I am running another rebalance mod, and Crackdown is completely impossible.

Please bear in mind that Crackdown was not balanced with other rebalance mods in mind. Multiple rebalance mods running at once can do really weird things!

In particular, testers running iter and FSS have reported being immediately flooded with a wave of enemies. The game is playable under these circumstances, but you might not enjoy it very much!

I am crashing.

We’re sorry to hear that!

So far, Crackdown has been remarkably stable, even with heavily modded copies of the game.

Please let us know on the Crackdown testing discord:https://discord.gg/kAZTdzD

We will want to see your crashlog and a list of any mods you are running.

My mod isn’t compatible with Crackdown!

We’re sorry to hear that! We cannot guarantee the compatibility of all mods, especially mods that edit or alter enemy stats or appearances.

In particular, Restoration Mod alters many of the same systems that Crackdown does (and then some), so there's not a way to reconcile the two.

It’s just not feasible to simultaneously maintain universal compatibility! All the same, please stop by the testing discord and let us know about the conflict. We'll do what we can.

The enemies on Boiling Point have been replaced with Crackdown Zeals.

Sorry, we couldn’t feasibly expand the scope of enemy edits to create a Crackdown AKAN enemy set.

As it stands, the base game’s AKAN enemies have severe implementation issues we were eager to circumvent.

Just remember, Kataru’s reach is worldwide- it should be no surprise to run into their agents in Russia!

FedNet | Root > Credits


  • Core Team
  • Asset Contributors
  • Crackdown Testers
  • Special Thanks


  • Core Team
  • Asset Contributors
  • Crackdown Testers
  • Special Thanks
Crackdown Core Team

Rino is the Crackdown team leader. They won't be satisfied until they control every rebalance mod.

Lead programming on Crackdown is handled by ZNix. His code encompasses all things under the sun.

The design of Crackdown's Player Balance Overhaul is the work of Kith. We take no responsibility for what he did to Tag Team.

Lead enemy balance design on Crackdown is covered by Finale. He invented the triple medic spawngroup.

Design feedback, proofreading and map editing information on Crackdown is provided by Rex. He kept Finale from requiring 48 safes on Aftershock.

Overall enemy, site, and asset design for Crackdown was provided by splish. He refused to add skull masks to all of the ZEAL units.

A variety of programming support and fixes came from Offyerrocker.

A large set of system-level fixes and tweaks are courtesy of Hoxi.

Lead programming on Crackdown was originally handled by Iamgoofball. He fixed Finale’s game-crashing code.

The Crackdown team was originally led by Rhynne. They nixed the plan to add 20 bots to the Crackdown discord.

Zdann crafted artisan memes and told us to delete all the Zeal assets.

Maybe we should have listened to him...

Major Contributions
New Assets

Bandana Dee: https://modworkshop.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=3919

Jarey_: https://modworkshop.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=1664

EvilBobarino: https://modworkshop.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=536

Rex: https://modworkshop.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=3057


CVIII: https://modworkshop.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=2041

Rafa Knight

Custom Heist Track (Dead End)

Neppu Tennouboshi

Grenadier VA


Asset Conversion



Visor and attach point asset fixes


Launch Site design and Mapping Documentation


Meme, Enemy Asset, Contour and Illuminate effect Documentation


Original Sniper Tracer Mod


Original Zeal Taser Asset, Original Zeal Dozer Asset Fix


Additional custom heist and modding information


Turret Targeting Fix


Player Balance Design



Rejected PR Guy


Crackdown Testers

Ajax(Jiro)The Tank

Alan Smithee







Bandana Dee






Dickle "read altgenstuck" Picken










Leon S.


Local Squishyboi



Meredith K. Pseudonym





[♖] Rook


Scruffy Pubstover






Closed Teams

Closed Team 1 (meta focus) - "Pig BBQ"

Closed Team 2 (non-meta focus) - "Cop Carpet"

Closed Team 3 (map testing focus) - "The Failures"

Closed Team 4 (second wave non-meta focus) - "Finale forgot to ask us for a team name"

and all other members of the Crackdown testing discord, as well as the other streamers, redditors, goons, and steam forums users who helped test the mod and give feedback. We apologize if we missed any of you!

Special Thanks

All lead developers would like to thank the entire Restoration Mod team, especially SC, for providing much of the framework, tools and support necessary to make Crackdown possible, and for the use of the Grenadier enemy.

Our thanks to ZNix for developing the SuperBLT. This hook presents a new, stable, unified platform, and promises a bright future for Payday 2 modding.

Our thanks to Luffy for developing Beardlib, the first step forward on a variety of modding fronts, and Beardlib Editor, the foundation of custom mapping and clean asset arrangement.

Our thanks to JamesWilko and SirWaddles for developing the BLT Hook and the general Payday 2 modding environment. Ultimately, all of this is your fault.

Our thanks to the members of the Facepunch, Reddit, Something Awful, ModWorkShop and official Steam forums for their input, feedback, and support.

FedNet | Root > Installation


  • Installation Site


  • Installation Site
Installation Site

Downloads for the mod, and detailed instructions for installation by several different methods, are available at:


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